GemSeal Customer Loyalty Program Makes it Easy to Earn Rewards

GemSeal Customer Loyalty Program Makes it Easy to Earn Rewards

Lee F. Lowis / Jul 5 , 2017

How would you like to earn rewards just for buying the products, tools, and equipment that you need for your business? It’s easier than you might think! We know you have many options, and we’re happy when you decide to do business with GemSeal. To thank you for your loyalty, all customers can participate in our Rewards Program.

Once enrolled, when you purchase sealers, paints, crack sealants, and other products or equipment from GemSeal, you can earn GemSeal Rewards points to redeem for travel to exotic destinations, entertainment, home goods, and much more!

Customers rave about our loyalty program.  One of our long-time customers, Steve McLeod of Asphalt Seal & Repair, decided to buy a brand-new boat with all of his points. Dan Browne of NAC Supply, Inc. redeemed his points for a destination vacation, a big-screen TV, and retail gift cards. He commented, “This is an unbeatable perk—a program that rewards customers just for buying what is needed to maintain inventory. Plus it’s easy to access and I received my gifts within two weeks.”

Earn a Free Boat with GemSeal Rewards

Put Your Loyalty to Work:

First, obtain login credentials to access the GemSeal Rewards Web site from your sales representative and then activate your account. Next, purchase any qualified products–including equipment rentals!  Now, participants earn one point for every dollar spent.  That’s it!  It doesn’t cost anything to join, and we make it really easy for you to accrue points.

The more you spend, the more your GemSeal Rewards points will add up.  And if a customer spends more in the current year than in the previous year, he or she will earn growth points (four additional growth points for every dollar spent above prior year on top of his or her regular points). With so many ways to earn points, why wouldn’t you join?  For full program details, login to your account or speak with your sales representative.  Happy Earning and Redeeming!