GemSeal stocks and supplies products for all of your municipal or governmental agency ADA pavement projects. GemSeal offers a variety of products to help your next paving project comply with ADA regulations. We carry ADA compliant detectable warning devices, thermoplastic symbols, and thermoplastic tape for all of your ADA parking needs. We can also make custom, ADA compliant signs.


alertcast® – The industry’s best replaceable cast-in-place detectable warning with a patented Penetrator Anchor System.

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AlertTile® semi-rigid surface applied detectable warning is a glass reinforced thermoset composite engineered for superior impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and long-term durability for retrofit applications.

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RediMat™ Original Flexible Surface Applied Mat. Easiest installation of any surface applied detectable warning. Just peel and stick, roll the mat to ensure a secure bond, and install stainless steel anchors.

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Preformed Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic symbols are pre-cut for easy installation without specialized equipment.

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Preformed thermoplastic tape

Preformed durable reflectorized thermoplastic that is quick and easy to install by heat fusing.

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