Black Diamond Sealer is Solution to San Antonio Decision to Ban Coal Tar

Lee F. Lowis / Jul 8 , 2016

Sometimes things don’t turn out like we had hoped or planned and we have to adapt to the new circumstances. The recent decision of the San Antonio city council to ban the use of coal tar sealers beginning January 1, 2017, means that seal coat contractors in the San Antonio area will soon need to offer something other than refined coal tar products. GemSeal, with nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience, a strong local distributor, and a proven alternative, is ready to help you!

First and foremost, we’re a manufacturer who has been in the sealcoat business for almost six decades. We know a lot about pavement materials and make very high-quality products.  We have done business in San Antonio for almost twenty years by working with Sealcoating Supplies, Inc., an experienced and knowledgeable pavement maintenance products distributor owned and operated by Nancy Navarette. Nancy was involved in the efforts to defend coal tar sealers, and she now stands ready to help her customers make the transition to using different products.  In anticipation of unfortunate bans like this one, we have developed alternative products that enable contractors to continue to stay in business and allow property owners to get a very good result.  One of our alternatives to refined tar sealers is GemSeal Black Diamond, which is comparable to refined tar sealers and superior to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealers.

Black Diamond is a petroleum-based, high-performance sealer that combines the benefits of AE sealer with many of the performance attributes of refined coal tar sealers. This product exceeds AE performance with better coverage, greater durability, fuel resistance, and superior color stability–it goes down black and stays black!

Black Diamond is safe for use in San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere else you need to offer clients an alternative to refined coal tar. It is produced in Dallas using our precision colloid mill and undergoes GemSeal’s unmatched quality control process.

If you’re in San Antonio, call Nancy Navarette of Sealcoating Supplies, our local distributor in San Antonio, at 210-650-0113.

For additional technical information, contact GemSeal’s Texas team: Rob Sanders at 813-442-2027, Bret Budris at 210-243-1629, or Ken McBride at 405-585-7706.