Tools / Equipment

GemSeal stocks a wide variety of professional quality tools and equipment.
From lutes, brooms, brushes and squeegees, to application equipment, we offer all the tools you need for your next paving project. We also carry equipment parts and perform repair, too. Contact a sales representative to discuss your needs.

Sealcoating Equipment

  • Skid Units
  • Trailer Units
  • Portable/Agitated Units
  • Squeegee Units
  • Custom Truck Mounts
  • Strainer Baskets
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Crack Pro Heated Hose Machines

The all-diesel powered Crack Pro Heated hose machine offers maximum fuel efficiency for powering its engine and bottom-fired Becket Burner, which heats the crack sealant in an oil-jacketed, ceramic insulated melter. Available in 125- and 260-gallon capacities with single or dual heated hoses, this trailer unit is engineered for maximum safety and efficiency.

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Mastic Equipment

  • Crack Pro Mastic Machine
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  • Billy Goat Force II Blowers
  • Little Wonder Optimax
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Crack & Crevice Cleaner

  • The Grazor™
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  • Backer Rod
  • Direct Fire Melters
  • Hand Torch
  • MA-10 Melter/Applicator
  • Pour Pots and Crackbanders
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Paint Stripers

  • LineLazer 3400*
  • LineLazer IV 3900*
  • LineLazer IV 5900*
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Asphalt Lutes

  • Asphalt Lutes
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Asphalt Tools

  • #2 Round Point or Square Shovel
  • #2 Square or Round Point Shovel
  • Asphalt Rake
  • Asphalt Shovel
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Brushes, Squeegees & Tools

  • Brooms
  • Crack Hoe w/Handle
  • Edging Brushes
  • Hand Tampers
  • Power Brushes
  • Power Brushes – Blade Refills
  • Squeegee & Brush Handles
  • Squeegee Complete Assembly
  • Squeegees
  • U-Shaped Squeegees
  • V-Shaped Squeegees
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Cleaners, Safety, and Gloves

  • Caution Tape
  • Leather Gloves
  • Oil-Flo Cleaner
  • PLY #9
  • Plyothol
  • Post Guards
  • Protective Apparel
  • Solvall Cleaner
  • Speed Bumps & Parking Curbs
  • Traffic Cones
  • Wonder Gloves
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Measuring & Marking Tools

  • Crayon Holder
  • Giant Chalk Reels
  • Marking Chalk
  • Marking Paint
  • Measuring Wheels
  • Parking Lot Protractor
  • Pre-Marked Layout Tape
  • Spray Can Holders
  • Yellow Lumber Crayon
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Spray Tips & Accessories

  • Ceramic Spray Tips
  • Hardened Steel Spray Tips
  • Hose Reels
  • Spray Hose
  • Spray Wand
  • Stencil Kits
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