Trust GemSeal for your primer and bonding agent needs.
These products are especially designed to prime asphalt prior to sealing or patching. They can also help cover hard-to-clean areas such as oil or gas spots; their unique formulas prevent these stains from “bleeding” through fresh sealer.


Multi-purpose, UV resistant acrylic primer for use on oil and grease contaminated areas.

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Tack Coat

Used as a bonding agent between new bituminous asphalt and old.

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Primer used on badly oxidized asphalt pavements prior to seal coating. Improves adhesion of sealer over any surface. TARLOC can be applied by brush, roller, or sprayer.

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Formulation of acrylic polymers that allows the pavement coatings to bond effectively and dry quickly. A unique ready to use, job-proven primer.

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