GemSeal is a distributor of industry-leading equipment for municipal and governmental pavement projects. We sell, finance, rent, or lease melter and mastic equipment, grinders and scarifiers, and striping equipment. We also stock parts and perform repairs.

Sealcoating Equipment

  • Skid Units
  • Trailer Units
  • Portable/Agitated Units
  • Squeegee Units
  • Custom Truck Mounts
  • Strainer Baskets
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Crack Pro Heated Hose Machines

The all-diesel powered Crack Pro Heated hose machine offers maximum fuel efficiency for powering its engine and bottom-fired Becket Burner, which heats the crack sealant in an oil-jacketed, ceramic insulated melter. Available in 125- and 260-gallon capacities with single or dual heated hoses, this trailer unit is engineered for maximum safety and efficiency.

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Mastic Equipment

  • Crack Pro Mastic Machine
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MA-10 Melter/Applicator

The MA10 Melter/Applicator is a fast and efficient method for the application of hot-applied crack sealants. It can also be used without heat for cold pour materials.

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GrindLazer® Scarifier Standard Series

GrindLazer® Standard Series scarifiers are ideal for basic surface prep, repairs, and line removal—especially in tight locations.



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GrindLazer® Scarifier Pro Series

The GrindLazer Pro Series scarifiers are ideal for all surface prep, repairs, and line removal needs.

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Graco® Linelazer 5900

Graco® Linelazer 5900 is a 2-gun professional striper, which delivers the most precise and consistent lines in the industry.

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Graco® Linelazer 3400

Graco® Linelazer 3400 provides professional performance in a one-gun striper. The sprayer is ideal for parking lots, schools, and park departments.

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