Specification Process

Make an IMPACT – Use the Right Products in the Right Market

The Individualized Maintenance Plan for Asphalt & Crack Treatment (IMPACT) is a national specification process which ensures the right pavement products are being used in the right market to properly address individual site conditions and reduce pavement defects that can create safety hazards for clients. GemSeal customizes specifications so the products address the unique factors of the region including location, climate, and application for optimum performance.

Gemseal Specification process for property managers
IMPACT Products

Plan Features

  • Nationwide pavement assessments
  • Custom application specifications
  • High performance mix designs
  • Assistance with contractor qualification
  • Tested and proven products
  • Expertise and technical support

Plan Benefits

  • Understand your pavement inventory
  • Right products in the right market
  • Uniform coverage
  • Control the work performed
  • Consistent image in every location
  • Cost savings and ROI


  • Sealers (refined tar, asphalt emulsion, or eco-friendly)
  • Hot-pour crack sealants
  • Lot marking paints

The Process

  • Initial meeting to evaluate current program
  • Follow-up meeting to review product options
  • Roll-out meeting to examine individualized treatment

Download case study results comparing actual costs between two 90,000 S.F. parking lots over a 15-year time span, one of which utilizes an Individual Maintenance Plan while the other has no plan in place. To discuss how IMPACT can help your parking lot portfolio, please contact us.