Property Manager Testimonials

WOW Logistics Company and its many locations throughout the state has vast amounts of asphalt pavement surfaces that encounter continuous heavy truck and trailer traffic. This traffic creates stress on our asphalt surfaces which in turn requires an annual maintenance program.

Asphalt Seal & Repair is our contractor of choice that services and seals the lots of all our facilities for us. They have been taking care of our pavement maintenance for over a decade. They introduced us to GemSeal’s PolyTar Sealer because of the quality and wear resistance of this special sealer.

We have had other pavement sealers applied over the years with some success; however the PolyTar Sealer manufactured by GemSeal provides a more durable, long lasting, fuel and oil resistant protection for our properties. This rich black, non-skid sealer exhibits unsurpassed wear resistance and protects the life of our numerous parking lots which has reduced my overall maintenance liability.

I highly recommend the PolyTar Asphalt Sealer.

Best regards,

Harold Schilerl

Based on contractor recommendation, we chose GemSeal PolyTar for our busy shopping center. The result has been a quality project which will provide many more years of service from our asphalt parking lots.

Anne Crowder, Property Manager
Columbus Crossing Shopping Center

“After experiencing disappointing results with other sealer products, we switched to GemSeal PolyTar.  Year after year it has proven to be the highest-quality sealer available with a better cure time.”

John Pready
Brixmor Property Group

“One of the areas for which I’m responsible is coordinating the asphalt maintenance and repairs at our commercial and multifamily community properties. I selected GemSeal pavement sealers and acetone acrylic striping paints to help protect our pavement assets and prolong their safe usability. While I am aware GemSeal is known for their high-quality pavement sealers, I was pleased to hear from my project managers that their striping paints are equally remarkable. Ultimately, with GemSeal, I know I can expect consistent results from site to site which, in turn, helps me achieve customer satisfaction.”

Dan Schumacher
Grubb Properties