Traffic Marking Paints

Ready-to-use striping paints for remarkable results!
Our Traffic & Zone Marking Paints have higher solids, which produces a heavier product that provides greater coverage per gallon. You’ll have less material to buy, yet your pavement striping will be markedly brighter and longer-lasting.

GemSeal manufactures both fast dry latex marking paint and standard dry marking paint. Both options can be used for new pavement surfaces, newly seal coated surfaces, or for general re-striping.

ProStripe Plus™

Waterborne acrylic fast-dry traffic paint.

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ProStripe MX™

High performance fast-dry traffic paint with an exclusive waterborne acrylic hybrid-binder.

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Acetone Acrylic Traffic Paint

A solvent based, low VOC, heavy-duty marking paint.

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Fast Dry Latex Supreme Traffic Paint

100% latex acrylic premium grade traffic marking paint.

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Fast Drying Latex Traffic Paint

100% acrylic traffic paint. Contains high solids and produces durable results.

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Latex Traffic Marking Paint

100% acrylic premium grade traffic paint.

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Glass Beads

Retroreflective glass beads enhance nighttime visibility of pavement markings on parking lots, roadways, highways, and airport runways.

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