quality Quality

A trusted name for 60 years means you can count on us for quality in all we do from our service, products, and R&D to job site advice and assistance.

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Consistency Consistency

We admit it, we’re predictable…thanks to our precision colloid mill process, which ensures product uniformity and stability.


Want fewer call-backs? Our products are produced to exacting specifications, tested, and certified on site for superior performance and long-lasting results.

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On Demand

With our robust tanker fleet, you can get the right products and other tools for your jobs delivered whenever and wherever you need!

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»   GemSeal PolyTar has a proven, 25-year track record in the field as the longest-lasting, refined tar sealer available in the market.  It is made with proprietary methods and polymers for durability that is unmatched.

»   GemSeal Black Diamond is a new, high-performance alternative sealer that contains no refined tar. Black Diamond offers maximum adhesion and durability for commercial applications.

»   GemSeal Guardian AE (asphalt emulsion) provides a highly durable protective coating that is pigment-enhanced for commercial and residential applications.  Polymeric formula enhances adhesion and durability.  Provides contractors another high quality sealer option for those markets that prefer asphalt emulsion sealers.

»   GemSeal FedSpec refined tar sealer is certified and tested to meet or exceed federal specification ASTM D5727 (formerly RP-355e) and FAA specifications. Our formula ensures proper solids, ash content, and viscosity for a job well done.