Guardian NQ

Product Description

Guardian NQ provides outstanding adhesion, flexibility and durability. Guardian NQ weatherproofs asphalt surfaces, seals against penetration by water, and blocks the destructive drying action of the sun by forming a tough protective membrane with a deep black color.

  • Designed to be diluted 15-20%
  • Water based, low VOC formula – contains less than 50 grams per liter. Polymer modified for oustanding adhesion, flexibility and durability.
  • Formulated specifically to protect and enhance asphalt pavement surfaces including commercial and residential parking areas and driveways.
  • Guardian NQ is manufactured in a colloid mill process that provides a uniform particle dispersion for product consistency and color quality.
  • Weatherproofs and seals porous asphalt pavement surfaces, preventing damaging and erosive effects of water penetration.
  • ASTM D 140
  • ASTM D 466
  • ASTM D 529
  • ASTM D 2939
  • ASTM D 244

bulk – Item #60310071

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