Backer Rod

For use in larger cracks as a base before installing a hot-pour crackfiller. Available in rolls from 1/2” to 1-1/2”.


Size  Product #
1/2″  70715715
3/8″  70715718
5/8″  70715719
7/8″  70715720
1″  70715716
1 1/2″  70715717
Direct Fire Melters

Portable kettles designed to heat direct-fired crack sealant in as little as 30 minutes. Kettles have hand agitation and thermometer. Low operating cost. Runs on propane. Propane torch, hose, and regulator included. Available in 10, 30, and 55 gallon.


Size  Product #
10 gallon  70715775
30 gallon  70715776
55 gallon  70715777
Hand Torch

500,000 BTU hand torch. Uses liquid propane. Standard with 10’ hose, regulator valve, and control valve.


Product #
MA-10 Melter/Applicator

The fastest and most efficient method for melting and applying hot applied crack sealants. Mounted on steel wheels. Equipped with spring-loaded, hand controlled release valve, and a steel screed for striking off sealant in uniform width. Easy to maneuver for following random cracks. Faster than hand held pour pots.
Holds 10 gallons/50 lbs.


Product #


Pour Pots and Crackbanders
  • 3 gallon pour pots with legs, trigger handle and adjustable spout
  • 3 gallon pour pots with wheels, trigger handle and adjustable spout
  • 4 gallon Crackbander, two wheeled pull type


Size Product #
3 gallon w/legs 70719200
3 gallon w/wheels 70719249
4 gallon Crackbander 70719224


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