Cleaners, Safety, and Gloves

Caution Tape

High quality poly tape with high visibility black printing. 3” x 1000’ rolls. Orange & green florescence flagging tape is 1” x 300’ rolls.


Size Product #
3′ x 1000′ Caution Tape  70719241
1″ x 300′ Orange Flagging Tape  70719245


Leather Gloves

One size fits all.


Product #


Oil-Flo Cleaner

Ready-to-use cleaner that removes coal tar and asphalt-based sealants and crackfillers from concrete, vinyl siding, tools, and equipment. Available in a pint size spray bottle and 1-gallon jug.


Size Product #
1 pint (12/case)  60310049
1 gal (4/case)  60310073


PLY #9

Water-soluble barrier to protect the skin when installing asphalt emulsion and refined tar products.


Product  Product #
PLY #9 / 5 oz  70719324



After-work cream formulated to protect, soothe, and refresh skin that has been dried from environmental exposure.


Product  Product #
Plyothol / 5 oz  70715896


Post Guards

High density 1/8” thick polyethylene post covers fit easily over existing posts to improve visibility and safety.


Size  Product #
4.5″ x 52″  70715897
7′ x 60″  70715898
Protective Apparel



Product  Product #
Coveralls (Medium)  70719408
Coveralls (XL)  70719456
Coveralls (XXL)  70719452
Spray Sock  70719354


Solvall Cleaner

Ready-to-use cleaner designed to dissolve and remove coal tar-based sealcoat, crackfillers, roof coatings, asphalt, and asphalt emulsions. Available in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon size.


Size  Product #
1 qt (12/case)  60310092
1 gal (4/case)  60310090


Speed Bumps & Parking Curbs

Easy-to-install and maintenance free. Made of 100% recycled material. For use on asphalt or concrete. Speed bumps have built-in reflectors and glass beaded paint.


Product  Product #
Speed bumps  70715733
Speed bump end-cap  70715734
Parking curb (white)  70715735
Parking curb (yellow)  70715738
14″ installation spike  70715739
Traffic Cones

High visibility traffic cones with rugged base. Available 3 lb 18” & 7 lb 28” with reflective collar.


Size   Product #
28″  70719399
18″  70719406


Wonder Gloves

Blue latex faced for flexibility and sure grip. Cotton/polyester fabric.
One size fits all.


Product #


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