Sealcoating Equipment

GemSeal is the exclusive distributor of Seal-Rite equipment in the state of Florida. We also sell Able and Ditch Runner sealcoating equipment. Ask about our financing options.

Skid Units

seal-rite skid unit

Product #
SR-300 SR-1000
SR-550 SR-1,250
SR-700 SR-1,500
Trailer Units

seal-rite trailer

Product #
SR-550 Trailer
SR-700 Trailer
SR-700 XP Trailer
SR-700 XP Trailer Extended Deck
SR-850 Trailer
SR-850 Extreme Trailer
SR-1000 Trailer
SR-1000 Trailer Extended Deck
SR-1200 Trailer
SR-1200 Trailer Extended Deck

Ditch Runner Spray System

                   Product #
Portable/Agitated Units

seal-rite portable units

     Product Description
       Portable Spray Systems
       Power Agitated Units
       Hand Agitated Units


Ditch Runner Spray System

Product Description
Hydraulic Agitated Spray Units



Squeegee Units

Ditch Runner squeegee

Product #
DR-200 Leader
DR-350 General
DR-500 Turbo Pro


Truck Bed

seal-rite truck bed

Product #
SR-850 Custom Truck Bed
SR-1,000 Custom Truck Bed
SR-1,250 Custom Truck Bed
SR-1,500 Custom Truck Bed Spray Systems
Strainer Baskets
Product # Size
Filter Pot Strainer Basket – Asphalt Emulsion 13/64″ 2, 3 Gal
Filter Pot Strainer Basket – Coal Tar 5/32″ 2, 3 Gal
Strainer Assemblies – 3 Gal Filter Pot Assembly 2″ plumbed, 5/32″ or 13/64″ basket
3″ plumbed, 13/64″ basket
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