Sealcoating Equipment

GemSeal is the exclusive distributor of Seal-Rite equipment in the state of Florida. We also sell Able and Ditch Runner sealcoating equipment. Ask about our financing options.

Skid Units

skid unit

Product Description
SK 575 Pro-Air
SK 750 Pro-Air
SK 1,000 Pro-Air
SK 1,500 Pro-Air
SK 2,000 Pro-Air


Trailer Units

trailer unit

Product Description
TR 575 Pro Air
TR 575 Pro Air Extended Deck
TR 750 Pro Air
TR 750 Pro Air Extended Deck
Portable/Agitated Units

Product Description
TR 300 Trailer
SK 300 Skid Tank


Product Description
Hand Agitated TR 300 Trailer
Hand Agitated SK 300 Skid Mount
Hand Agitated SK 575 Skid Mount



Squeegee Units

squeegee unit

Product Description
SP 300
SP 300 Dual
SP 575
SP 575 Dual


Custom Truck Mount

Product Description
Truck mounted SprayMaster tanks from 575 to 2,000 gallon capacities


Strainer Baskets
Product Description Size
Filter Pot Strainer Basket – Asphalt Emulsion 13/64″ 2, 3 Gal
Filter Pot Strainer Basket – Coal Tar 5/32″ 2, 3 Gal
Strainer Assemblies – 3 Gal Filter Pot Assembly 2″ plumbed, 5/32″ or 13/64″ basket
3″ plumbed, 13/64″ basket
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