Networking with Retailers at PRSM

Networking with Retailers at PRSM

Lee F. Lowis / Oct 5 , 2016

The PRSM Mid-Year Conference in Schaumburg, IL, last week was a wonderful opportunity to learn, network, and explore the latest products, services, and technologies available for the management of retail facilities.  GemSeal regional sales manager, Rick Bennett, based in Chicago, and southeast regional general manager, Chris Mariani, manned a table during the expo hours in order to spend dedicated time talking with retailers nationwide about the management of their pavement assets.

We learned the main focus for many–at the moment–is protecting pavement prior to the harsh winter conditions ahead. Rick and Chris were able to advise facility managers to fill cracks and then apply sealer. This is because many regions experience at least a few freeze-thaw cycles in winter causing expansion and contraction of the pavement. In these conditions, unsealed cracks and asphalt are especially susceptible to water, salt, and sand penetration, all of which can accelerate deterioration or cause further damage. In fact, being proactive with crack sealing and sealcoating prior to winter can save retailers a lot of expense and headaches down the road.

But, all pavement preservation products are not the same. Our pavement sealers, in particular, are made using a precision colloid mill with higher solids content to deliver greater coverage per gallon as well as non-fading black color. For the right results, facility managers need the right products and process. That is why material specification makes all the difference.

For most of the country, it’s not too late to crack seal and sealcoat.  The GemSeal team is ready to help facility and property managers develop a custom specification plan with the right materials and application process to ensure a successful outcome.

We thank and appreciate all of the retailers that stopped by our table at PRSM Mid-Year last week and we look forward to seeing you all again at the PRSM National Conference in Dallas next April!

Networking with Retailers


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