A Praise-Worthy Result with Black Diamond™ XL

A Praise-Worthy Result with Black Diamond™ XL

Lee F. Lowis / May 24 , 2017

A printing and literature distribution facility for a worldwide re­ligious group in Georgetown, Ontario, needed a solution for its oxidized and poorly patched-over parking lot. Sure-Seal Pavement, based in Toronto, went on site to evaluate the pavement and devised a plan to properly repair patched areas, crack seal, and sealcoat the 650,000 sq ft parking lot. Completed together, these procedures would prolong pavement lifespan and enhance curb appeal. But, the daunting challenge was to execute the work without disrupt­ing operations.

Black Diamond XL Application
Workers apply two coats of Black Diamond™ XL sealer.

This was no easy task since the facility receives thousands of visitors on a weekly basis for tours of the complex. In addition to the print shop, there are distribution and office buildings, a vehi­cle maintenance center, maintenance shops, a waste management center, and a residence on-site that provides accommodations for over 400 volunteer workers that operate the facility.

Procedures had to be scheduled around deliveries, shipments, and staff shifts, which meant completing work in phases during and after normal work hours as well as on the weekends. Because of the challenges with site access and a desire for an extended maintenance cycle, Sure-Seal had to carefully select and recom­mend the right materials for the job.

For the sealer product, Sure-Seal recommended a two-coat application of GemSeal Black Diamond™ XL and the site’s facility man­agers readily accepted the product because of its extended wear, low odor, low VOCs, and low PAH content.

The result has received high praise. The customer noticed that tire scuff­ing on parking lots and especially in the shipping/receiving areas has been minimal to none. And, as an applicator, Sure-Seal also immediately observed how nicely the product sprayed with hand wands and self-propelled, ride-on applicators. Coverage was even and the deep-black color was immediately appealing to the eye. Ad­ditionally, there was no odor and little to no burn.

Lance Bradshaw, President of Sure-Seal Pavement, fur­ther commented, “After experiencing the benefits of the premium Black Diamond XL, we feel the product is a truly viable alternative to refined-tar based sealers in every market in North America.”

He continued, “The key is to educate your customer and make them aware of alternative products and the long-term benefits. Our customer is extremely happy with the results.”