Employee Training with Leading Equipment Manufacturer

Employee Training with Leading Equipment Manufacturer

Lee F. Lowis / Dec 7 , 2016

As part of our promise to provide the very best advice and technical support, our employees take part in ongoing training throughout the year.

Last month Cimline, a leading manufacturer of modern melter applicators for crack sealing, invited GemSeal employees to attend a seminar and facility tour at their Plymouth, MN, headquarters. Participants, including representatives from three other companies, received instruction and hands-on demonstration of Cimline’s new M-Series melters followed by a behind-the-scenes look at how the equipment is manufactured.  All participants then convened back in the classroom for a short test at the end of the day.

“This learning experience was a great opportunity for GemSeal employees to meet key support people within Cimline and offer feedback to their R&D department,” said Ken McBride, Regional General Manager. “The time spent together was not only educational, but it also helped to strengthen our relationship with a highly-valued equipment supplier.”

GemSeal personnel in attendance included Grant Stallsmith, Travis Parrish, Job Davis, Doug Gensler, Brett Budris, and Ken McBride.