GemSeal Welcomes New Canadian Distributor

GemSeal Welcomes New Canadian Distributor

Lee F. Lowis / Sep 18 , 2015

CHARLOTTE, NC (Friday, September 18, 2015) — GemSeal is pleased to introduce Actionseal as a distributor in Ontario with new locations planned for 2016 in other Canadian provinces. Actionseal, a leading Canadian supplier of pavement maintenance products and supplies, has expanded its vast selection to include GemSeal FedSpec™ refined tar emulsion asphalt sealer, cold pour crack fillers, and sealer additives.

“The Actionseal team’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations by providing expert advice and support aligns with our values at GemSeal,” stated Lee Lowis, General Manager – Central Region, GemSeal Pavement Products. “Because of these reasons, along with their same-day processing and speedy delivery capabilities, Actionseal is a natural choice to distribute our products.”

“Our business model was developed by a team of experienced pavement maintenance contractors,” said Leigh Kuhn, Co-Creator of Actionseal. “We understand clients rely on us for guidance to help them make the best decisions concerning pavement upkeep; it is a responsibility we take seriously, which is why we offer only the highest-quality products, tools, supplies, and equipment. That was a major reason why we chose to distribute GemSeal’s products instead of other choices.”

For more information about Actionseal, please contact the Actionseal sales team at 855-554-4386 or visit For information on GemSeal products or distribution opportunities, please visit gemseal.

GemSeal’s pavement sealers, additives, primers, traffic-marking paints, crack sealants, and patching products were perfected over nearly 60 years of manufacturing and testing experience. Precision colloid mill processes, industry-leading quality-control programs, and ongoing research and development make GemSeal a leader in the pavement maintenance industry. GemSeal owns nine regional manufacturing and customer service locations in the US in Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Greensboro, NC; Memphis, TN; and Tampa, FL. Additionally, the company has relationships with high-quality manufacturing companies to meet demand in the western US.