Surface Coatings Co, a GemSeal Company, Celebrates 40 Years

Surface Coatings Co, a GemSeal Company, Celebrates 40 Years

Lee F. Lowis / Mar 2 , 2016

AUBURN HILLS, MI (Wednesday, March 2, 2016) — Surface Coatings Co., a GemSeal Company, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary as a leading manufacturer of asphalt maintenance products for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Founded in 1976 by Russ Goddard, as a subsidiary of Goddard-Dennis, Surface Coatings Co. was the smallest of eight manufacturers serving Detroit and greater Michigan. In four decades, the company has grown its infrastructure and expanded its market area to include all of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Ontario and has become the number-one supplier for Michigan and Ontario.

In December 2012, Surface Coatings Co. was acquired by GemSeal Pavement Products, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with manufacturing locations throughout the United States. With the acquisition, GemSeal merged its existing sealer production in New Boston, MI, into the Surface Coatings plant in Auburn Hills, MI. Additionally the two companies merged product lines. Today, Surface Coatings Co. continues to focus on its primary products—sealers and tennis court coatings, but also generates a high volume of sales from GemSeal® PolyTar® and Black Diamond™ high-performance sealers. Together, the companies provide a greater depth of expertise in sealcoat, crack sealant, and other solutions for pavement maintenance.

Since the acquisition, Lee Lowis, Regional General Manager, has led Surface Coatings Co. and further solidified its strong reputation in the paving industry. Lee and his team plan to celebrate forty years in business on March 17, 2016, at their bi-annual pavement maintenance seminar in Flint, MI. “Every two years, we bring together contractors from across the central region for education, networking, and to exchange ideas,” remarked Lowis. “This year will be particularly special because we will be able to personally thank our attendees for partnering with us and helping our business thrive for four decades. Additionally, to show our gratitude, there will be fun door prizes and discounts on equipment and tools.”

For more information about Surface Coatings Co., please contact Lee Lowis at 248-338-0335.

Surface Coatings Co., a GemSeal Company, is based in Auburn Hills, MI, and has 40 years of experience manufacturing industrial grade sealer for asphalt pavements, trademarked as Seal-Pave®, Seal-Pave® AE and Seal-Pave® Blend, in addition to a full line of GemSeal sealants. The company also distributes multiple brands of crack fillers, Latex-ite® recreational coatings, and over 500 related items for pavement maintenance and tennis court surfaces.

GemSeal’s pavement sealers, additives, primers, traffic-marking paints, crack sealants, and patching products were perfected over 60 years of manufacturing and testing experience. Precision colloid mill processes, industry-leading quality-control programs, and ongoing research and development make GemSeal a leader in the pavement maintenance industry. GemSeal has regional manufacturing and customer service locations throughout the United States.