GemSeal® GemPatch

Product Description

A quality, cold-asphalt road repair, GemPatch provides an instant repair that can be immediately trafficked. It is easy to use, has a minimum shelf life of 6 months, and is durable against harsh weather conditions. GemPatch can be used on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

GemPatch is durable, convenient, versatile, and easy to apply:

  • Instant repair; may be immediately trafficked
  • Durable against freezing/rain/rutting damage
  • Can be used in low temperatures down to -5°F
  • No mixing time; ready to use
  • Fully recyclable

Pour a 2″ layer of loose GemPatch into the area to be patched. Level the loose material and then compact to a 1″ layer. Compact with a tamper or a 4 inch x 4 inch post. Place and compact additional layers until desired thickness is achieved.


Available in 50 lb sealed bags, 1 ton bulk bags, or in bulk loads

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