Right Pointe #5078

Product Description

A mixture of asphalt, plasticizer, synthetic polymer, and reclaimed tire rubber. Right Pointe #5078 is recommended for sealing expansion and contraction joints as well as random cracks in roadways and highway shoulders.

  • Good bonding characteristics
  • Weather resistant
  • Passes multiple freeze and thaw cycles
  • Compound for concrete and asphaltic pavements
  • Actually prolongs the pavement service life
  • Seals cracks and joints from water penetration

ASTM D-5078
Various State DOT
MI DOT Type 1323


60# Carton (2 Split 30# Cubes)
36 Cartons per pallet
35# Carton
60 Cartons per pallet
30# No Box Tri-Block Unit
65 Units per pallet

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