Right Pointe #3405 Modified

Product Description

Right Pointe #3405 Modified Hot Applied Sealant is formulated with selected asphaltic resins, synthetic polymeric rubber, plasticizers,
stabilizers, and a blend of organic reinforcing fillers. It is ideal for sealing joints and cracks on large-scale projects experiencing maximum joint movement in the coldest of temperatures.

  • Superior bonding characteristics
  • High resiliency and weather resistance
  • Excellent results throughout freeze and thaw cycles
  • Compound for concrete and asphaltic pavements
  • Actually prolongs the pavement service life
  • Seals cracks and joints from water penetration
  • Ideal for roadways and airport runways

ASTM D-6690, Type IV
ASTM D-3405 Modified


60# Carton (2 Split 30# Cubes)
36 Cartons per pallet
30# No Box Tri-Block Unit
65 Units per pallet

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